Kickstarting a Digital Transformation.


Polar North East, an Architectural Glazing Specialists, had outgrown its existing IT estate’s capability to support complex business processes. To ensure continued growth, scale operations efficiently and outperform competitors, they needed to digitally transform by embedding new technology into their business strategy and operating model. They set a strategic goal to achieve this transformation by developing a new technology strategy. This would improve their service delivery and operational efficiency.

Our Approach

Qrious’ work with Polar started with a week-long Q.Lab ‘discovery’ sprint. The primary goal of a Q.Lab is to ensure the whole business is aligned on the purpose of the project and the planned investments to drive performance improvements.

Our Q.Lab with Polar achieved this by bringing people together, from all functions and departments in their business, to create a service blueprint that visualised the company’s order and project management processes - a key focus of their technology transformation strategy. Doing this work created a shared and consistent understanding of the current process and operations, including the problems [with the process] that were causing inefficiency and impeding growth.

During the Q.Lab, the second phase entailed working with the Polar team to develop paper prototypes for potential new technology solutions to remove the pain points.

At the end of the Q.Lab, the Polar team clearly understood all of the issues in the existing order and project management processes and, more importantly, the potential solutions.

Discover session using post-it notes Discover session using post-it notes


Qrious supported Polar to develop a ‘future-state’ vision and roadmap for a new bespoke software solution. This solution would offer the business a consolidated and accurate representation of all client projects.

The cloud-based system we designed is built on a Salesforce CRM implementation and will centralise their project workflow and customer data to provide a holistic project management view of all their work and contracts.


  • Accurate representation of all Polar’s client projects in one CRM system.
  • Streamlined and more efficient workflow that will improve productivity.
  • Focussed direction for a complete digital transformation as the business continues to grow.

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