New visions. New experiences.

Newcastle University’s 2020 Vision will increase its visibility and status as a world class research led organisation. Brought to life through its digital strategy, the vision will be pivotal in persuading undergraduates, postgraduates, international students, academic researchers, funder and business partners to become part of the University’s future.

The University appointed us in 2018 to support a 3-year programme of work to transform the user experience across its entire digital estate, so it can better communicate its vision and the opportunities available at the University to a global audience.

Mobile Mobile

Supporting a user-centric design culture.

Our UX team are working closely with the Newcastle team to conduct user research and create personas and user journey maps that will improve the University’s understanding of user needs and behaviours.

Focused on the University’s strategic goals for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, International student recruitment and research partnerships and funding, our ambition is to embed user-centricity and design thinking as the bedrock of continuous improvement for the University, as it seeks to compete in the fiercely competitive HE marketplace.

Process Process

Simplifying the user experience.

Our UI and content designers created new layouts to present information to users in simpler and more engaging ways. We designed a mixture of low and high-fidelity UI protypes depending on the complexity of the layout or functionality required. In some cases, our prototypes were tested for usability before being finalised.

Content Content

The right content, in the right place, at the right time.

Our user research provided the foundations for every aspect of our design approach, including helping us to create new content strategies, content models, information architecture and a UI that delivers relevant content for users at different stages of their journey, regardless of where and how they choose to consume that information.

Measuring and optimising what matters.

We developed performance measurement frameworks and implement site tagging to support digital leaders within the University to more effectively track interactions and to continuously refine and optimise user journeys and landing pages for optimal conversion performance.

Laying sustainable, scalable foundations for a simpler, transformative and enduring customer experience.

Alongside our project work, we also worked with the University’s internal teams to developed new design systems - style guides, design systems and development frameworks - that make use of reusable assets and components to drive efficiency and scalability into the process of designing, deploying and updating websites in the future.

This ensures that improvements to the user experience we make are sustainable and scalable, while also bringing consistency to the user experience and reducing the resources required to manage the University’s web presence going forward.

Design Design

Flexible, agile, collaborative working.

Work across multiple projects and with multiple stakeholders, demands structure, as well as flexibility, and of course, effective communication. Using a ‘hybrid-agile’ approach – structured around SCRUM and utilising a ‘Do-Test-Learn-Iterate’ model enabled us to make rapid progress through frequent, small releases – keeping project teams on track and ensuring stakeholders remained engaged throughout.

Three flexible ways to engage us.

A highly focused workshop facilitated by a digital strategy and innovation expert who will work collaboratively with you and a multi-disciplinary team of designers and developers, in a 1-2 week sprint.
UX as a Service
A rolling monthly UX design subscription service that provides access to our highly skilled team of digital specialists. Ideal for fast-moving businesses with rapidly evolving needs.
Single Project
The best approach if your goal is to build a website, mobile app or bespoke software product. Choose to work to a specification and fixed price, or work with us in Agile to define and build the best solution to your product.
Three flexible ways to engage us: