Bringing delight and reassurance to the experience of choosing a new school.

Nord Anglia Education is the world’s leading international schools group. The company operates 66 international schools in 29 countries and educates children aged from 2-18 years.

The Qrious team was first commissioned by Nord Anglia Education in 2013. Working with the Nord Anglia team and our delivery partners, this project in 2013 included user research – including persona development and journey mapping – and UX design to launch nine new school websites. Following our first project in 2013, we have continued to work with Nord Anglia to create a further 50 websites for their global family of schools over a seven year period.

The challenge.

Choosing a new school for a child is a daunting experience for any parent, particularly when relocating to a new country as is so often the case for a Nord family.

When looking for a new school, parents typically shortlist two to three schools, before going on to arrange a visit and finally choose the school they want to send their children to. Once they’ve chosen their preferred school, parents expect a simple, stress free application process.

Nord Anglia Education challenged the Qrious team to create new websites that would effectively position Nord Anglia as the world’s preeminent international school brand:

Provide parents with a trusted source of high-quality pre-visit, pre-application information, and build a sense of excitement about life as a pupil in a Nord Anglia Education school.

The project and the new sites we created were also expected to drive transformative change within the business. This would be achieved by moving away from the existing and often inefficient system of individual schools using the phone and email to manage school visit requests and applications. Instead, integrating the new websites with Salesforce CRM would provide a more efficient approach to managing enquiries and a more consistent, personalised and enjoyable experience for parents.

Global educational reach Global educational reach

How we helped.

New UX strategy and user centric websites helped to accelerate growth for a rapidly expanding international schools business.

UX research to understanding parents' needs.

Working with our delivery partners, we conducted user research with parents and students to understand their experiences when searching for a new school. We also spoke to other people – school marketers, teachers and grandparents - who influence parents as they search for information and make their decision about which schools to visit. The goal of our research was simple: to identify what motivates people to choose one school over another.

Data Data

New UX strategy to deliver the right experience for parents.

After completing our research, our UX designers created customer personas, helping Nord Anglia and our designers to integrate understanding and empathy with user needs and behaviours. We also produced user journey maps, and user stories that were used to create a design roadmap, information architecture and content strategy for the new websites.

Delightful UI to make it simple, exciting and stress free.

Utilising new visual styles and highly emotive photography and content, our UI and content designers created a new website experience tailored to the specific needs of parents at each stage of their customer journey.

Child Child

Building and deploying a global web presence.

We’ve deployed a bespoke CMS (built on Microsoft’s MSSQL/.NET technology stack) which is hosted on AWS data centres in the Middle East, Asia, China and the US and we’ve designed custom integrations with Salesforce CRM for the processing of visit enquiries and applications.

We’ve also supported the roll out of governance systems and processes across the globe to enable responsibility for maintaining and updating the new websites to be delegated effectively to people within individual schools.

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