Booking made simple. Fitness made easier.

BookFit is an ambitious start-up with a vision to simplify life for personal trainers and the fitness enthusiasts who enjoy their classes. The company challenged us to “put convenience in the pocket of fitness enthusiasts” by creating a product that would make it super simple for people to find and book any type of exercise class.

Bookfit App Bookfit App

UX research to understand what busy people need.

Our UX research first focused on personal trainers to understand the day-to-day challenges they face in running their businesses. We also spoke to fitness enthusiasts to understand their pain-points when looking for, booking and managing their fitness sessions.

UX design for different user groups.

The findings from our research were used to create user personas and journey maps for both sets of system users: personal trainers – i.e. the people or ‘subscribers’ who would pay to use the product to manage their businesses – and the ‘users’, the fitness enthusiasts who would book classes with personal trainers using the app.

App Process App Process

Building the right product through a lean, agile design and build approach.

Our journey maps were used to create a list of essential, desirable and nice to have user stories that became our blueprint for a Minimum Viable Product which we then turned into a working prototype that was user-tested and iterated to a releasable state. Overtime, we’ve continued to work with the BookFit team to add new product features as their business has grown.

Mobile App Mobile App

Simplicity, flexibility and fitness brought together.

The BookFit app achieved our primary goal of making life simpler for personal trainers. The product we created enables trainers to create a schedule of classes at multiple locations. It removes the need for paper diaries, makes taking bookings and payments a breeze and it also provides trainers with better visibility of class attendance and future revenue.

For fitness enthusiasts, whatever their preference – be it Pilates in the local village hall, yoga sessions in the community centre or bootcamps by the riverside – if it’s on offer from their favourite personal trainer, it can be booked using the app.

Fitness: The ultimate results business.

Since launching in August 2017:

  • 1,639 personal trainers and fitness instructors.
  • 31,744 new users registering to use the app.
  • 765,840 classed and fitness sessions booked.

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