Great experiences inspire us.
Yours, ours, everyone’s.

We're a curious bunch.

As a team of strategists, researchers, designers and developers, we help companies gain meaningful insights into customer needs and behaviours so they can create amazing experiences that deliver better outcomes. We’re excited by the protentional for design and technology to simplify lives and transform organisations.

Our culture is our business.

Our culture values the desire for improvement that is inherent in all human beings. We encourage innovation by nurturing nascent ideas – wherever they come from - to challenge convention and push our creativity and designs in new directions.


Our culture defines how we run our company. This is underpinned by our shared values and beliefs, which guide our daily decisions and fuel our behaviour.

Be Restless.


We seek and invest in our own personal growth. We are ready to challenge you and ask questions. We embrace ambiguity – perfect is the enemy of good. We listen as often as we talk and we read as much as we can.

Be Brave.


We take the initiative - if we have an idea, we don’t sit back and wait for it to happen. We innovate and develop ideas beyond the day-to-day. We challenge everyone to deliver remarkable work.

Be Reliable.


We collaborate, and we do what we say. You can trust us to get things done and deliver the outcomes and results we promise. We’re empathetic and do our best to recognise human potential.

Be Honest.


We acknowledge we don’t have all the answers. We own our problems and embrace failure as a route to success. We leave egos at the door and collaborate with others to make things better.

Qrious people.

We’re a team of innovators, researchers, designers, developers and strategists, all of whom are passionate about creating customer experiences and digital products that transform lives and businesses.

Here are the people you’re likely to meet when you first start working with us:

Nick Salloway

Nick Salloway

Managing Director
Kathryn Blight

Kathryn Blight

Programme Director
Graeme Wilkinson

Graeme Wilkinson

Technical Director
Tony Mather

Tony Mather

Head of Experience
Qrious lives.

Qrious lives.

A supportive and challenging work environment.

We recognise every individual’s contribution and we appreciate your personal aspirations as much as your professional qualities. We’ll challenge you, because that’s what we do. We like to push at boundaries, because that’s how we create better experiences and unlock the potential in ourselves and the world around us.

A shared commitment to your personal growth.

Where some see ceilings, we see opportunities. We’re committed to continuous investment in learning for every member of our team – so you can reach your full potential. That’s why every member of our team is given their own personal development budget, a dedicated mentor and a personal development plan. In return, we expect you to commit to your own personal and professional development and to support others as they learn and grow.

Work and innovate with great people.

Qrious people think about what they can give to their team, not what they can take from it. They take the initiative and recognise that success, innovation and impact come from a sense of ownership and shared endeavour. At Qrious, you’ll be a valued member of a talented, multi-disciplinary team, working in an agile environment to create ambitious experiences that change lives.

Are you Qrious?

We're an ambitious and creative bunch of people.

We like to challenge ourselves and we love to work with people who aren’t afraid to ask questions that challenge conventional thinking; people who aren’t afraid to push at boundaries; people who start with “maybe” and who love to explore ideas, rather than relying on certainties.

Are you curious about joining our team of innovators?

User Experience Designer

Working collaboratively with our design and development teams, as well as on your own, you will be involved in all aspects of the UX design process, from discovery to delivery, carrying out user research, UX architecture, interface design and usability testing, building websites, web applications and mobile apps for our clients.

Software Developer

Our developers work on a wide variety of web and mobile app projects. As a developer at Qrious, you will work alongside other members of our development teams to build applications and websites that work across all major browsers and devices. As a software developer you will be involved in all aspects of development and the development life cycle and will have the opportunity to contribute to backend, frontend, mobile and low code application development.