Welcome: Floor Martens.

This year, we’ve had a whirlwind of new recruits join us at Qrious. We love that our team is growing, and it means we’re getting even more experience and exciting new ideas.

Without further ado, we’re delighted to introduce our new Business Development & Partnerships Manager, Floor Martens!

What’s your role at Qrious?

In short, I’m going to try get business in for Qrious and find companies or organisations to collaborate with to give our clients even better services/products. It will also be good to create partnerships with organisations who share the same values and goals as us.

How did you get into Biz Dev?

I got into this field of work about 4 years ago but looking back at my life and the previous work I’ve done, I've actually been doing this since my 20s. I've always been networking with people from all backgrounds, bringing them together or trying to enthuse them for something. For example, bringing LGBTQ refugees who entered the Netherlands together with LGBTQ people in Utrecht. I also promoted Theory U training to people in a Facebook group I created for Theory U practitioners – the group now has over 6,700 members.

When living in Berlin, I had my own start-up. When we were identifying the right roles for each of the founders, I discovered business development was the work for me. I love doing market research, creating a strategy, and then going out there to inspire people to make use of a product or service I believe in.

What was your first impression of Qrious?

It’s my 2nd day in the office and my 3rd day at work and so far, I’m loving it! The people seem fun to hang out with, smart about what they are doing and happy to teach me all about the work they can deliver. I like the flexibility Qrious offers me, given that I have an 11-month-old at home, it's great that I can choose when to be in the office. I haven’t done the 'in office, daily, 9-5' for ages - it’s just not for me. I was already promoting what we call 'the new ways of working' back in 2010 when working for the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs, so for me the whole hybrid/remote working hype came a bit late 😉.

Do you have any goals you want to achieve while working here?

I’m hoping to be able to help with the strategic direction of the company and have more people, possibly even from other countries, make use of our products and services. Next to this, I also just want to have fun doing it. Mirroring the Qrious values, I always have a restless eagerness to learn new things and explore new markets, countries etc. Since I am still fairly new in the UK, there will be a lot to explore and new people to meet - I'm looking forward to it all!

When you’re not working, what are your three favourite things to do?

I love to spend time with our baby boy Natan. I like to go out with him; walking in Jesmond Dene, taking him swimming or seeing some animals. I actually just set up another Facebook group (third one... I also have a group for Dutch Speakers in Newcastle) called Newcastle Parents & Play, where I bring parents and their small kids together. I just can’t help myself but creating communities! We've almost got 100 members now and I also intend to take Natan to the events of this group.

That’s a lot about point 1. Well, it relates to other things I like to do, again the bringing people together and meeting up. Since Natan, we tend to do that at our place in Sandyford a lot. My partner is from Israel and likes to cook Middle Eastern food for our friends.

Third, well, I can’t choose... I like to do sports, to keep myself fit and happy 😊 and looooveee travelling. In my 20s and beginning 30s I’ve travelled through Central America and Asia for months and loved it. I often joke that I should have studied cultural anthropology, because for me different cultures are so fascinating. There's so much to learn from how people look at things. For me, it’s important to keep getting new perspectives on things. I believe it’s also what the world needs in order to sustain - we did things from silos for too long!

And finally, if you could switch places with anyone for a day, who/what would you choose? (– a celebrity or even an animal?)

A bird! Flying must be amazing and all the places you could just go to independently without needing an airplane, without polluting the sky. Yes, a bird definitely! It’s one of the reasons why I liked the song ‘Free As A Bird’ by The Beatles. I remember repeatedly hearing it in my head while staring outside of my high school window.

Thanks for the interview, Floor it’s been great to learn more about you and we can’t wait to see what great plans you have in store for Qrious. If you’d like to chat with Floor, please connect with her on LinkedIn – she’s always up for a coffee!