Rocking the return of in-person Q.Labs.

We’re delighted to be working with our clients in-person again.

In the last couple of weeks, our screens have spammed us with two of the biggest showbiz events- the National Television Awards and the Met Gala. While we are all for questioning the weird world of ‘fashion’ and admiring TV stars whose shows helped keep us somewhat sane during lockdown, we were more amazed by the audiences.

Hundreds of people sat in the same room together not socially-distanced and maskless. How odd that life has changed so much that you can think being maskless is like being as naked as the stunning Megan Fox was at the Gala... Anyway, these events are but a couple of examples that show just how keen we are to get back to pre-COVID life.

We have all participated in countless Teams / Zoom meetings over the last two years. Grateful we may be to the technology that has enabled us to continue working face to face, we can admit it has its limitations. When our recent client, Polar NE asked us to join them in their office for our Q.Lab session with them, we jumped at it.

Q.Labs guy

Benefits of working in-person.

  • Allows us to dive into a real debate, without having to wait for a pause. Not that we condone talking over others, but it is easier to expand on a flowing conversation, rather taking individual turns on video chat.
  • A great opportunity to meet new people. The Polar team were a delight to work with and it was even better to get to know them as individuals on coffee breaks.
  • More relaxed = a chance for more people to speak up. Sometimes people do not like talking on camera, and that is understandable. Being in person takes the spotlight off more so than even grid view.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what our clients need. Coming together as a team allowed Polar to explore more ideas that came from their debates.
  • Collaboration and satisfaction. Being able to physically stick post-it notes up on the wall to see the all progress you are making - that is something you can never imitate on a call.

Who knew getting together with clients was something we took for granted pre-COVID? The Polar team also told us that it was the first time in two years they were all in the office together, so good thing we all did a smashing job.

It was amazing to be able to have a little slice of normality visiting Polar NE for a few days. We cannot wait to see where the next Q.Lab takes us.

Interested in working with us, please get in touch.