We’re changing our Status.

Building on the last decade of success and following a phase of rapid growth, Status Digital is undergoing an overhaul and is becoming ‘Qrious’; curious about design, curious about technology and innovation and even more curious about your customers (and ours!).

We’ve built a team of business transformation and customer experience experts that is ready to help ambitious businesses to better understand their customers, so that, together, we can design innovative services and digital products that deliver transformative and lasting business improvements.

Reaching that mountain top

We want to be the leading customer experience agency in the UK. Our new name reflects our ethos and our core values and we are excited to see, as Qrious, where the next decade takes us.

Our mission at Qrious is to make sure that our customers are at the leading edge of new technologies, and harnessing innovation to meet the needs of their customers, so that they remain relevant and ahead of the competition.

What's changed?

Our name, our look and feel, and the way we do things. We’ve always put people at the heart of what we do and we’re always learning and exploring. Some of the technologies we use now didn’t exist ten years ago, and the same will be true in the future. That means that some solutions aren’t yet out there, haven’t entered the mainstream or simply haven’t been thought of.

Why change?

Because we need to, and so do you.

With the dawn of a new decade we’ve had plenty to reflect on after nearly ten years in business. Much has changed in that time, not least the way customers interact with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

One thing that isn’t slowing is the rapid pace of digital and technological change and, to stay ahead, businesses have to stay relevant, and importantly for us, need to be curious about the world.

Our team are incurably curious by nature and we tend to attract customers with a similar outlook. We’re always asking questions like, ‘how can we improve that experience for the customer’ or ‘how can we solve that problem?’ The solutions aren’t always obvious and that’s what keeps things interesting.