Welcome: Floor Martens

This year, we’ve had a whirlwind of new recruits join us at Qrious. We love that our team is growing, and it means we’re getting even more experience and exciting new ideas.

2 years of Qrious confessions.

Kat, Nooshin and Kori celebrate their joint 2nd year anniversary at Qrious on 28th October 2021. We ask them all about their roles, time with us, and get them to spill the beans on the team.

Top tips to look after your mental health.

With World Mental Health Day this Sunday 11th October, we at Qrious have been diving into the importance of mental health and have come up with a list of things to lighten the mood when we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Rocking the return of in-person Q.Labs.

We had our first post COVID in-person Q.Lab workshop with Polar NE this month and the work we did together was SMASHING! We've picked out our favourite benefits to working work in-person again.

10 practical steps to accelerate your digital plans.

At Qrious, we've seen projects that would have previously taken years to formulate now being delivered in months or weeks. Digital transformation plans are being accelerated, and it's an opportunity for entrepreneurial businesses that can think and act quickly.

Design in a post-Covid future.

While the long-term effects of the Covid-19 lockdown remain unclear, it seems inevitable that it is an epochal marker in our lifetimes.

It has exposed the fragility of our existing economic structures, but small-scale individual interventions and acts of kindness have blossomed in the exposed cracks.

Design debt and design systems.

As your organisation grows, your digital services often grow with it. You add new web pages and apps, new projects along with sub-branding to distinguish them from older ones.

Welcome to Q.Lab.

We promised in our How to Build a Problem Solving Machine post to share some more details of how our customers work with us in our Q. Lab to solve complex business problems using design thinking. Central to this idea is the belief that, for the approach to work properly, a multi disciplinary team must be encouraged to embrace ambiguity and supported to work together using a series of associated design processes and activities that support successful problem solving.

How to build a problem solving machine.

In our last post, we wrote about the importance for organisations of learning to fall in love with problems and how we think a few mindset changes in the way people within a business think about problems can drive innovation and transformational change.

In this post, we’re going to talk about how we, at Qrious, help organisations to solve complex business problems quickly and cost effectively using design thinking.

Fall in love with problems.

Sadly, it happens all too often. When faced with an undesirable outcome, busy people working in busy businesses, operating in highly competitive industries, encounter a problem. Driven to solve that problem quickly and at minimal cost, they default to ‘solution mode’.

Eager to get a problem off their desk and without stopping to identify the root cause of the problem, people implement a solution they instinctively think will solve it.

Getting UX research right.

It is dangerous to rely on our own perception of the world. The biases of our own personal experiences mean that our beliefs about our services - what goals people have, how they want a service delivered, the values they project on the service – may not be accurate. Many projects are built on shifting sands - rapid social, technological, and cultural changes mean that no products or services are ever fixed forever.

We're changing our Status.

Building on the last decade of success and following a phase of rapid growth, Status Digital is having an overhaul and are becoming ‘Qrious’; curious about design, curious about technology and innovation and even more curious about your customers (and ours!).

We’ve built a team of business transformation and customer experience experts that are ready to help ambitious businesses to better understand their customers, so together, we can design innovative services and digital products that deliver transformative and lasting business improvements.